Windows & Other Reflections

An essential note about these photographs is that there has been no digital layering, no adding or moving-about of imagery – no tinkering beyond the basic traditional dark-room practices. They are presented here just as the camera and I found them. Wandering about with a camera as companionable doppelganger, particularly in urban areas (and anywhere near water, which is a world in itself), you'll often see strange scenes occur during coincidences of light with natural and man-made things. Glass is a boundary that lets you stand and stare. Doors are confronting (open, closed, decisions have to be made: go in, stay out), but windows are made for light and airy contemplation. Sometimes their glass becomes a membrane where filmy worlds coalesce behind the surface on different planes. The camera acts as a fellow eye-witness to these unexpected moments of synthesis. Printed out later, handled and looked at, the photographs can seem like some kind of tangible plunder brought back from dreams. On certain occasions the camera may also become a cabinet of stumbled-upon curiosities - dusty teacups, hand-lettered signs, the chipped features of shop mannequins, a signature or drawing scratched on glass: ephemeral, undistinguished, human things.

See notes on following page.

  • Boy with blue towel, Dimmey's window, Goulburn 2003. 30 x 38 cm

  • Auction bird, Annandale 2004 23 x 17 cm

  • Doll with different eyes, Kings Cross 2008 23 x 17cm

  • Jesus and his bicycles, Brunswick 2004 24 x 18cm

  • Gertrude Street Fitzroy 2003 22.5 x 17cm

  • Girl, Dimmey's window, Goulburn 2003 30 x 40cm

  • Into the West, Spring Forest 2009 31 x 41cm

  • Morris & truck windscreen, Spring Forest 2009 16.5 x 18cm

  • Red Morris with lichen, Spring Forest 2003 13.5 x 18cm

  • Lichen patch, Spring Forest 2009 16.5 x 18cm

  • Nightfall windscreen, Spring Forest 2009 22 x 18.5cm

  • Lawrence and Wolseley, Spring Forest 2003 19 x 25cm

  • Iambi Park, Spring Forest 2009 30 x 40 cm

  • Hill paddock, Spring Forest 2009 31 x 41cm

  • Sky lichen, Spring Forest 2009 21 x 15cm

  • Smoking Man Blues, Koorawatha 2003 40 x 30cm

  • Streaky, Koorawatha 2003 16 x 17.5cm

  • Smoking man, Koorawatha 2003 40 x 30cm

  • The crack, Koorawatha 2003 40 x 30cm

  • Sunrise with floating plates, Koorawatha 2003 31 x 41cm

  • Yellow vase and smoking man, Koorawatha 40 x 30cm

  • The Gore-Booth sisters, bored at Lissadell, Sligo 2004 32 x 36.5cm

  • London Skies, Piccadilly 2005 31 x 41cm

  • Julia and wattle bird, Brunswick 2004 22 x 18cm

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